Quantum Steels Nigeria Limited

Quantum Steel Nigeria Limited is a fully equipped facility and has been accredited by Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) to produce rebars, both as per Nigerian Industrial Standards (NIS 117) and British Standards (BS 4449). Our products include -

  • TMT rods
  • Square rods
  • Wire rods
  • Nails
  • BRC mesh
  • Binding wire

The company has registered trademarks REAL and QSNL which carry a seal of guarantee for the users for the best quality rebars in construction.

We are equipped with one of the best induction furnaces around the globe. High performance energy efficient coil with lowest energy consumption makes this more environment friendly.
Concast expertise and innovation to help us produce top-quality steel in the most efficient manner.
We have a state-of-the-art rolling and block mill. We have procured machinery from the best suppliers in their fields, which enables us to give you top quality leverage on their expertise.